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TS Foxxy is also known as Foxxy. She was born in United States on Apr 11, 1983 and started her pornstar career in 2003. TS Foxxy has got Brown eyes, Black hair and breast cup size D. Her height is 5 feet 2 inches and weight is 114 lbs.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Exclusive Interview with TS Foxxy

As seen on Showtime TV's "Gigilos", Foxxy gives us the opportunity to sit down with her to ask her a few questions that can only be answered on MoreThanJust-Porn. I'm excited to call her a friend and meeting the exotic Vegas sensation was one the biggest highlights of my career. During the 2009 Tranny Awards, Foxxy & I had the chance to exchange conversation in a small bathroom, where we shared the mirror and a few laughs. Since then, Foxxy has been one of the most sweetest ladies to work with thus far; She has sponsored multiple fundraiser events hosted in Houston, TX & now allowing us the opportunity to ask her a few un-answered questions.
 MTJP: 1.) When out partying with your bestie, Carmen Moore and others, what is your most fave cocktail for an evening out?
   Well I have a few different faves but I mostly stick to Kettle One Vodka and soda water or if I really want to get wild & crazy, I'll have a shot of Patron, extra chilled!  I always stay as clear as possible for less of a hangover lol.

 MTJP: 2.) Without counting, about how many shoes would you say you have in your closet right now? 
I'm actually not really obsessed with shoes as most girls are...I go for comfort and usually stick to my fave style cause if I can't dance in a boot or heel then they arent for me regardless how expensice or beautiful...gotta care for my feet lol.  So I would say I have roughly about 45 (thought I said not many right lol) most of them I use to film/shoot photos in aNd the handful are my going out pairs.  So if anything I could use more to model and film in since I don't buy many.
 (Hint, Hint..size 10 womans.)
 MTJP: 3.) What are your 3 MOST favorite reality tv shows to watch?
  I have always been a fan of The Real World reality shows, The Kardashians became a favorite, and The Real Housewives realtiy shows
 MTJP: 4.) Tell us about your experience as appearing on 'Gigilos on Showtime' - MANY of your fans were suprised to see you on the show.. & congrats!  
Why thank you and I was surprised that they asked me out of the thousands of girls out there.  Of course I'm not camera shy and love to act and be my silly self on camera so it all was natural to me, what I was nervous about was the reality part..I didn't know who I was meeting, what we were gonna be doing or saying so I have to just be relaxed and witty and just make sure I had fun with it all.  Of course after a strong drink made by the bartender I totally turned into the flirty, aggressive, and the witty Foxxy most know me as lol.  Although at the end he chose not to perform any sexual acts with me, at the end of the film, he sure did try to get me to go over his hotel lol.  I think it was more about his image he was worried about and thinking it might effect his business but overall he was a sweet guy and even invited me to their party at Saphire's.  I had a lot of fun with reality tv and would definitley do more!

 MTJP: 5.) What are some things you look for in a man when it comes to dating or a possible relationship? 
They have to be spontaneous, have a sense of humor cause I like to be silly and funny and love to laugh.  Also outgoing, educated, smart, and adventurous.  I love old fashion romance, so affection, flowers, dinners, movies, and respect are a MUST!
MTJP: 6.) Do you have any pets? If so, how many & what are they?  
I deal with a lot of animals (men) so I couldn't handle anymore lol.  I love pets and used to work at a pet shop when I was younger and had dogs, cats, birs, fish, and raised mice for the shop so I think I'm done with pets for a while being that I'm so busy in and out of town I wouldn't have the time to dedicate to a pet.
MTJP: 7.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? 10 years from now? 
I'm hoping I will be still running my website and maybe even performing cuz I love what Ii do...but I definitley wanna get into massage therapy (as most who have had the chance for me to massage them know I'm quite good with my hands lol) i also hope to be in a relationship with a very supportive man and not sure where in the world I'll be living but I know I'll adapt well...maybe even an adopted child

MTJP: 8.) Of ALL the cities you have visited, which would you say is your number one favorite to visit? Number one least city to visit? 
Well my favorite city to date that I just love to visit and relax and feel so comfy in is San Diego.  Every since I was a kid, we used to visit there almost every summer for family vacation and till this day I have not stopped visiting or wanting to relocate there.  I still tell myself that I will eventually end up there even if its to retire lol.  The least favorite would have to be Orlando...and it's not because it's not a fun, entertaining city but because it's so crazy humid and just not a profitable city to work in so that's the only disappointment.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Foxxy in fishnet black dress

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Foxxy in a Sexy Dress

TS Foxxy interview

In the transsexual industry, TS Foxxy’s stock is rising nicely. It was not a surprise that she was nominated for 2011 Best Hardcore Model of the Year in this year’s Tranny Awards. My most favorite scenes of this foxy woman are on the website in it’s TS Seduction site. It is there where she excels. I hope that more studios follow their lead and use Foxxy in a more kinkier manner.
Hi Foxxy, I loved your swimming pool party orgy performance in TS Playground. How much fun did you have performing with so many hot transsexuals in one scene? I loved watching Cherry Torn suck your dick. I wish that you would had more camera time for that scene.
Yes, I agree it was a hot scene and I myself was surprised on how many big named girls were in the same scene together.  It was definitely a pool party with all the right girls that love to be naked and do porn. It went so smooth we almost forgot there was a camera. It was my first time meeting and working with Cherry Torn and she was a sweet beauty although I wished there was more sex involved.

How long have you been in the industry? What have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable ones?

I have been in the industry now going on eight years and plan on being the forty year old born again virgin ha ha ha just joking! My most pleasurable moments so far would be meeting and working with so many great people. My least pleasurable would be working with those few egotistical people that make make me sick.

How did you get into the adult industry?

I can’t even say I wanted to be in the adult industry nor did I ever imagine being part of it. But, being an adventurous young girl living in Las Vegas, home to many sinful things, I was approached by directors and photographers my  first year living in Vegas and working as a go-go dancer. I was curious and tried it out and never stopped from that point on. 

A huge turn-on for me is watching a transsexual make love with a woman. What are your thoughts of being paired up with a man and a woman?

I admire the handful of open minded individuals, both male/female that do work with us transsexuals and know that making porn no matter with what gender is all still porn in the end. I enjoy working with both and recently find myself working with more women lately. Being that we are the best of both, I think its hot to play both roles.

I enjoy your fun-loving and sexy attitude. How were you as a kid growing up?
I was the same energetic, fun-loving, entertaining person I am now. As a kid, I always wanted to be on stage, performing, singing, and dancing. I loved to be silly and make people laugh as well as charm my teachers.. I was very popular and had many friends and made friends everywhere I went. My best friend since first grade always tells me that no matter how far I have gone and the status I have grown, I remain the same down to earth, humble person he met years ago.

I enjoy how when you enter a scene, your eye candy sex appeal makes the viewers’ eyes pop right out of their heads. What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?
I think women have a lot of power and I’m a leg person so I notice legs before anything, but overall I would say a curvaceous body is a woman’s best trait. It definitely attracts attention. For a man, hairy muscular legs are my fave! Next would be butt, eyes, smile, and of course a fit body. I actually like average men, not so much pretty boys and more sexy if they are family oriented and down to earth.

Are there any particular industry talent (actors, actresses, directors, studios) who you want to work very badly with and why? What would be your dream scene?
I have worked with just about everyone although there are new websites and directors shooting transsexual porn that I haven’t worked with and not living in L.A. doesn’t help either. But, I’m sure I’ll get around to it. My dream scene would be 100 man gangbang ha ha ha. I wish, but a gangbang for sure.
What was the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry when you started?
How popular transsexual porn was. Never even heard or seen anything until I started.
What type of outfit or piece of clothing makes you feel the most sexiest?
A short tight tube dress and sandal stilettos. Very Mariah Carey and J-Lo.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I would say cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I always try to cook something I have seen on the Food Network. I also love the fine arts. So music, dancing, acting, and anything of that nature. Movies, traveling, concerts, and any type of production show. I love the entertainment industry.

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?
Being able to express my sexual fantasies and role play on film.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?
My very own, totally bisexual website You will see myself with the hottest and best performers of all genders. Film wise I have been working on a couple independent films so acting in something other then porn has tested my skills. So hope it leads to bigger and better acting or modeling gigs!

Taken from her blog :

Foxxy playing with herself